Being a summer volunteer is one of the good things we can do in our student time. Instead of wasting our time playing games or wandering with our friends, we can join the Blue Summer campaign at schools. By doing so, we can become young volunteers to help people who are in need. I always remember last summer when our volunteer team had been to a poor countryside. That place even lacked of clean water and electricity, while in many other places people are wasting them. After a day of resting, we started to clean up the old school together, attended in the project of reconstructing a number of local bridges which funded by donors. We lived in some of the houses of the local people, and we spent time doing house chores, playing, and eating together. Although their lives are lacking of materials, their hearts are full of love and kindness. We helped them with our strength and the ebullient spirit of youth, and in return they took care of us so we could be safe and happy while we were away from home. After a month and a half, we successfully restored an old school and one bridge, and we built one more small new bridge. These things really helped children at that place had a better educational environment, and people had an easier road to go to work. Local people were very excited with those new constructions, and we promised to come back next summer to bring better things. When the volunteer trip ended, my parents were very happy when I came back home safely. I felt so proud of myself because I could prove that I was a mature person by helping other people. Summer is coming soon, and I cannot wait to be on my next volunteer trip together with my friends.


Tin đăng gần đây

  • 350 T15 An Phú Đông Q.12 TP.HCM
2,750.00$ (Fixed)
  • 350 T15 An Phú Đông Q.12 TP.HCM
9.98$ (Fixed)
  • Tĩnh lộ 8, CỦ CHI
5,400,000.00$ (Negotiable)
  • Thạnh Xuân 38, Phường Thạnh Xu...
108,000.00$ (Negotiable)
  • Nguyễn thị kiểu, Phường tân Th...
260,000.00$ (Negotiable)
  • Phan Văn Hớn, Phường Tân Thới ...
800,000.00$ (Negotiable)
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