DeLonghi EC701: 5 Must Know Facts about the DeLonghi EC701

Manufactured in Italy – Most people will overlook this; but when you have owned a real Italian espresso machine like I have, you learn to appreciate the Italian manufacturing course of action more than you appreciate your plastic coffee maker. I used to use a black and Decker coffee machine, and I would just run the coffee by it twice to get the same effect as an espresso machine. Upgrading up to the Italian EC701 espresso machine has really made me value the quality of a genuine product. And I am not alone here; DeLonghi EC701 sales are up, and so are the search engine searches.

Patented “Sempre Crema Filter” – I didn’t know what this was when I was looking into buying an espresso machine, so you probably don’t either. It’s this new idea DeLonghi came up with. It’s a special filter that allows air into the brewing course of action of ground espresso, which in turn gives you a thick smooth cream. From there the cream is mixed with steam and milk, which creates the froth. This special filter is exclusive to DeLonghi Espresso Machines and it really creates a high creamy froth.

Long Manufactures Warranty – One year manufactures warranty standard. Alright when I heard this I thought, so what 1 year is standard. Nope, it’s not when it comes to espresso machines. Maybe when you buy a TV, or a watch, but the standard warranty for Italian espresso machines is NADA, Zilch. I have read horror stories of people spending over 1000 dollars on a brand new espresso machine, only to have it break, or produce a terrible cappuccino. DeLonghi offers a standard 1 year manufactures warranty. You can nevertheless get a warranty for other espresso machines, but you have to buy it separately

Spacesaving Design – The DeLonghi EC701 []measures around 1SQ Foot. 11x11x9. Pretty small, I keep mine right next to my toaster. I have a really small kitchen so this was important to me, and most people aren’t millionaires so clearly this is important to the majority of people. But if you are a millionaire you’ll have more space obtainable for other things.

Easy to use – Alright, this one I knew before I bought it from the pictures. It’s got 3 buttons and a knob, about as simple as it could possibly get. When I wake up in the morning my eyes are glued shut, and my brain is half asleep – so simplicity is very important. Its fast too, you’ll be drinking a fresh cup of “your choice” in 4-5 minutes.

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