Decide Whether or Not to Decide on Chandrashtama Days!

According to Hindu Vedic Astrology, the following are the nine planets taken into consideration while calculating the future of human beings. They are the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Raghu and Ketu. Out of this, Raghu and Ketu are not real planets but imaginary points where the Moon cross the earth’s orbit around the Sun. The Moon is the Karaka or Owner of Mood and Emotions.

The earth’s orbit around the Sun is called the Zodiac and it is divided into twelve portions or signs measuring 30 degrees each. There are 27 stars and each sign is stated 2 1/4 star. The Moon travels from one sign to another in 2 1/4 days. Every human being is stated a birth star out of these 27 stars. It is found by locating the position of the Moon in the birth chart. The moon sign is the sign which is occupied by the Moon during birth. Hence when the Moon travels in the 8th sign from the birth chart Moon sign, that particular period is termed as Chandrashtama days.

typically in my functional experience and research I found that during Chandrashtama days we tend to take wrong decisions and make mistakes. Especially those involved in finance markets will have to keep restraint on these days otherwise they will suffer loss monetarily by taking a wrong position. We need not get scared about this occurrence as we can easily manage these days by postponing taking important decision and also getting help of the person who is not affected by Chandrashtama on that particular day and getting his views about our decisions before truly implementing it. The Chandrashtama days can be noted from the Hindu almanacs.

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