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Southfield (CBS Detroit) – It was talk of politics, the infrastructure bill, Joe Biden and presidential votes that kicked off CBS 62’s “Michigan Matters” as former Michigan Republican Chair Saul Anuzis and former Democratic Party Chair Mark Brewer appeared to discuss politics in the vicinity and in Washington.

Michigan Matters great number Carol Cain, with Saul Anuzis, Former Michigan Republican Party Chair

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Anuzis, who now lives in Washington, has locked elbows with Brewer as the two politicos work together to try and have National Popular Vote legislation put on Michigan’s ballot in 2022 so people here can vote on it and potentially influence outcome of the 2024 presidential contest.

Saul Anuzis, former Michigan Republican Party chair, and Mark Brewer, former Michigan Democratic Party chair, submit ballot appeal language to the state Bureau of Elections on Tuesday, September 28, 2021.


Michigan Matters great number Carol Cain, with Mark Brewer, Former Democratic Party Chair

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They appeared with Carol Cain, Senior Producer/great number, and also talked about Biden’s trip to Michigan this week to sell his infrastructure plan and more.

Michigan Matters great number Carol Cain, with Salvador Salort-Pons, Director of Detroit Institute of Arts

Then, Salvador Salort-Pons, Director of the Detroit Institute of Art, appeared to talk about a new $5 million donation to the museum and how it has modificated during this pandemic.

He mentioned a new Van Gogh characterize coming to Detroit in October of 2022 after being postponed in 2020 due to the pandemic.

He also talked about having schools and teachers back inside the DIA starting this week–  – minus the tour guides due to the pandemic.

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