Cord Blood – The Gift of Life

Umbilical Cord Blood Banking is a reliable source of dealing with different kinds of diseases which can crop up in your future life. By banking the valuable cord blood of your baby at the time of birth, you not only insure a safer future of your child but also of other members of the family. The stem cells obtained from this blood are a high source of disease fighting cells which help to strangle against neurotic problems, heart and circulatory diseases, etc.

The cord blood stem cells repair nerve cells which help to heal brain and spinal cord injuries. Secondly they regenerate cells to treat heart and circulatory diseases. Thirdly they replace damaged cells from heart attacks or injuries and also help in regenerating brain cells to treat Alzhemer’s & Parkinson’s and much more.

Recently, I read news about Chloe Levine, who suffered brain injury. But after undergoing a successful cord blood stem cells transplant she has been blessed with a new life as her parents had taken an intelligent decision of saving her cord blood at the time of birth.

None of us know what future beholds for us. Accidents can happen to anyone and any healthy person can fall sick or can catch a serious disease anytime in life. Today more than one million children in the world suffer from brain injury every year. The use of cord blood holds tremendous potential as an effective treatment for brain injury.

Cord Blood not only helps in treating the same person whose blood had been saved at the time of birth but it can also be used for the treatment of other patients in the same family by banking it in private cord blood centre. It can also be donated or saved in Public edges, where it can be made obtainable for any patient in need.

Several situations have come up where patients have been treated with a donated cord blood. So it is a wise decision to save your baby’s cord blood at the time of birth. It is capable of saving lives. If you have any doubts about Cord Blood banking and registry, talk to your doctor.

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