Control Pond Mosquitoes – 5 Ways to Bite Back

Control Pond Mosquitoes – 5 Ways to Bite Back

When a female mosquito is looking for a new home to lay her eggs in she will unavoidable choose nevertheless, stagnant water. Mosquitoes love nevertheless water. If your pond does not having circulating movement then this will quickly become a breeding ground! All is not lost however as there are ways and method to get rid of these unwanted guests.

Some species are shared carriers of malaria, West Nile virus and dengue fever, whilst others are simply blood suckers that irritate the skin and leave the victim itching and covered in red bite marks. The life cycle of this insect is a 4 stage course of action, starting off as an egg, then larvae, then pupae and finally as a fully fledged, flying, sharp adult. During hot summer months the development from pupae to sharp adult can be as little as a week.

Some spring species have only a single generation per year, whilst the great majority of species produce several new generations each year. People living in the warmer climates that suffer from these blood suckers are often reluctant to add a fishpond to their backyard, for fear of encouraging these pesky insects into their living space.

Ways to control Mosquito Once And For All

* When laying their eggs females will only choose nevertheless water. If there is movement she will fly away to find another home. Moving water is also much healthier and encourages oxygen absorption.

* Get yourself some fish that eat mosquito larvae. Goldfish, killifish, mosquito fish (gambusia affinis) will eat the larvae quite happily. if you do decide to go for gambusia affinis, please observe that they are unsociable creatures and will often attack other fish.

* Biological control products that contain the active ingredient Bti larvicide will kill the larvae. The larvae eat this naturally occurring kind of bacillus and it kills them.

* Introducing toads to your garden pond is an excellent way to control the sharp population. Toads will devour up to 100 mosquitoes and slugs in a single day. Their tadpoles will feast on the larvae also.

* Dragonfly are another predatory insect that will freely eat adult mosquitoes, whilst their young will devour the mosquito larvae.

* One of the most effective preventative methods is to use a propane powered trap, such as the Mosquito Magnet. This device will kill any biters that the toads and dragonfly have missed.

Do not let these sharp pests put you off keeping a fishpond. Bite back and use some of the methods mentioned above. This will guarantee to calm these pests down.

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