Chicago’s Preparation Could Indicate Some Will Need a Criminal Attorne…

Chicago’s Preparation Could Indicate Some Will Need a Criminal Attorne…

As Chicago prepares to great number the upcoming NATO and G-8 summits, its anticipation of the worst indicates that many protestors could need a criminal attorney. That is, officials foresee several protests and displays getting out of control that will rule to arrests, criminal charges, and a possible boon for any attorney willing to take up for the protestors.

The Chicago Sun Times is reporting that the city’s police department just entered into an emergency contract to buy over 3,000 confront shields. These shields have an air-tight seal that will prevent officers from becoming blinded by any liquids or semi-solids that are thrown at them, the expected projectiles being feces and bags of urine. already with the quantity of shields, Fraternal Order of Police President, Mike Shields, is concerned that it will not be enough as officials expect tens of thousands of protestors in Chicago during the back-to-back summits.

As another deterrent to any criminal anarchy, Chicago’s police horses are also getting riot gear to help keep them safe as they confront off against protestors in the streets. The equipment that has been requested includes leather nose guards with impact-absorbing foam; clear, wrap-around visors; leg shields; and training aids. The mounted unit that has been utilized to control criminal activity in the past consists of 30 horses and 30 officer-riders.

The back-to-back summits, scheduled for May 2012, will bring both desired and undesired elements to the city, but Chicago’s aggressive preparation in anticipation of the protestors indicates that it is prepared to exercise hard-hitting crowd control, make multiple arrests, and file criminal charges when necessary. consequently, many will be requiring the sets of a Chicago criminal attorney. This will be especially important for those who get swept up in the hysteria of mass crowd control and find themselves behind bars without having committed any specific criminal offense, since it is likely that in their laudable attempts to continue order in the streets, police will unwittingly arrest and charge innocent bystanders.

It does not take international summits for innocent people to need the help of a Chicago criminal attorney, however. Each day, many are arrested and confront criminal charges for allegations that are simply not true. When such situations occur, the assistance of a knowledgeable and experienced criminal attorney in Chicago is highly useful for ensuring that justice prevails and innocence is protected.

If you or someone you know faces a criminal charge in Chicago or the surrounding area, consult with a Chicago criminal attorney as soon as possible. Your attorney will be able to advise you as to the best course of action, possibly get your charges reduced or dropped altogether, and develop a strong defense should your case go to trial. Call today.

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