Breathalyzers – I Don’t Trust Them!

Breathalyzers – I Don’t Trust Them!

Does anyone out there really want an oral robot to decide their fate? I certainly don’t. What’s more, breathalyzers are inclined to several mistakes. For one thing, breathalyzers have a 30% rate of misreading. Given this fact, it’s not unfair or outlandish to say that three out of every ten people arrested for a DUI aren’t truly tanked. Breathalyzers fail to differentiate between Ethyl alcohol and Methyl alcohol that’s found in shared foods and drinks. Several other factors that I will illustrate throughout this article also contribute considerably to the test and could land you in jail if you’re a speeder.

You like doughnuts? I know I do. A glazed, fluffy doughnut can put a smile on my confront immediately. Guess what? Glazed donuts contain an Ethyl alcohol level of.02% after they’re cooked. This is the same kind of alcohol that lights up the nose of that robot they stick in your confront during DUI tests. Assuming someone just finished off a case of these delicious confections, odds are good that they’ll make the breathalyzer jump when tested. Although it would be extremely easy to make a cop/doughnut joke, I prefer to take the high road on this one. Shocking though it may be, this is only one of the many foods and drinks that contain some form of Ethyl and Methyl alcohol.

If there’s one thing that compliments donuts and coffee, it’s cigarettes. I smoke a lot, which method that if given a DUI test, I may be out of luck. Breathalyzer test for Ethyl and Methyl alcohols, but they also test for the molecular structure of of Methyl. Acetaldehyde is a molecule found in the liver and pumped up into the lungs. The amount of Acetaldehyde found in someone’s lungs varies, but studies have shown that smokers have a higher build up of this molecule than non-smokers. Given how much I smoke, I’m sure my lungs are a regular hang out for this agent. Did I mention that breathalyzers lump Acetaldehyde in with Methyl alcohol?

Let’s review here. I love pastries and smoking. There are levels of Ethyl and Methyl alcohol found in shared foods in addition as in the cigarettes I smoke daily. I didn’t already mention how temperature conditions, moisture or dirt could contribute to the failing of a breathalyzer. Odds are good that if given a breathalyzer test right now, I would fail. They can’t arrest me while I’m sitting on my couch, but that won’t help when I’m chain smoking in traffic.

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