Benicia calls for water cutbacks after pipe burst

BENICIA, Calif. (KRON) In the North Bay, neighbors in Benicia are being asked to save water after a water pipe burst over the weekend.

Benicia gets its water from lake Berryessa and the Sacramento river. It’s treated and then sent to homes and businesses. However, that flow of water is being disrupted.

Sunday, the city asked residents and businesses to closest reduce water use by 30%. The city says that over the nights of Saturday and Sunday, a pipeline at the city’s water treatment plant suffered a break.

The city is now asking residents to avoid outdoor water use including car washing and watering lawns. It wants businesses to save water wherever they can.

“I understand that stuff happens,” resident Samantha Manzano said. “We aren’t watering out lawn, just reducing out water as much as we can to help.”

The city does say that while the repair work is underway, the water that is flowing to homes and businesses is safe to use.

So far there’s no estimated time for when the pipe will be repaired, but the city is warning residents the work could take several days. It’s nevertheless unclear how the pipe broke.

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