Banged Up Blue Shirts Find a Way to Win!

Banged Up Blue Shirts Find a Way to Win!

Find a way to win is an under statement with Marian Gaborik not being able to continue in last nights game due to his thorough thigh laceration consistent in practice, then Michael Del Zotto going down with the same kind of injury with a skate to rib also causing a cut.

The Rangers picked up their game up on every level and they could of clearly won this game in regulation as they were the better team on the ice that night.

Olli Jokenin officially became a Ranger! Stating before last nights game he needed to have a big game and he did just that. Not only did he hook up a secondary assist on Chris Dury satisfy to Brandon Dubinsky’s goal tying the game at one. Olli was good for the game winner in the Over Time session earning the Blue Shirt the much needed two points.

Chris Dury defined the letter C on his chest in this game and showed signs of a mythical former Ranger captain who’s number eleven is retired. I’m not by far comparing the two, but when you do the things Chris did last night it made me feel very good who is currently wearing the C on his chest on this team.

Rangers would get two back to back strength play opportunities after the fight and it would be two strength plays the team would want to forget. No short handed goals against but the Rangers let the Penguins get some good scoring chances up a man.

Besides the bad strength play chances the Rangers second period was a very good one out shooting the Penguins 13-6 in the second and 2-0 in the goals department taking a 2-1 rule into the third.

The Ranger killer this season Sidney Crosby would tie the game in the third for his second of the night scoring goals 40 and 41 his career high.

But Crosby’s two goal night would be spoiled by Olli’s over time winner and an all out New York team effort. Short on defense and Offense this team stepped up in every way they could and took home two points on the road against the defending champs.

This Ranger team is playing well already though their record of late don’t show for it in the last few battles. They were in all of those games and lost all those games by a goal since playing Phoenix and in most of those games they were the better team.

There is one more game before the Olympic break and it’s on home ice against a team that is ahead of the Rangers in the standings. The game against the Lightning will have a playoff air to it as this Blue Shirt team is playing like they know what’s at stake.

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