Bahamas Golf Resorts

Bahamas Golf Resorts

Bahamas is the land of sun, sea and year round azure skies. The continued sunshine and warm weather is what makes the Bahamas a perfect golfing destination. With warm blue skies all year round, golf resorts in this island state thrive the whole year by. Nassau, a popular tourist destination in the Bahamas gets an average of seven hours of sunny, cloudless skies per day, and when it does rain it rarely lasts for longer than a few minutes ? so hours of uninterrupted play in the pictureque locales is what the Bahamas potential.

The islands of the Bahamas regularly great number world-class tournaments which makes this a must visit destination for ardent golfers as this gives them a chance to see top professionals play and also have the prospect of a game between the tournament rounds at local golf courses. This adds up to a perfect golf vacation for the passionate golfer.

Nassau and Paradise Islands , Grand Bahama Island, Abaco and Eleuthera are the main islands that have some of the best golf resorts in the world. Most of them have a driving range, practice putting green and club house facilities such as a bar, snack bar, pro shop, locker rooms and bag rooms.

One can find 9-hole in addition as 18-hole golf courses and irrespective of the handicap, one can find the most appropriate course easily enough. The silvery white sand of the bunkers forms a pleasant contrast against the emerald green of the fairways and the water hazards in some of the golf resorts are the Atlantic Ocean itself! The world?s largest sand trap and water hazards are to be found in the Bahamas. The Bahamas golf courses are unparalleled in terms of sheer visual beauty and have the best vista of the ocean.

So if golfing in the most beautiful place on earth is your idea of a perfect holiday, get ready to pack your clubs as the sunny Bahamas invite you.

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