Atlantica Guild Points

Atlantica Guild Points

Increasing Guild Points

Creating a guild has great advantages for players in Atlantica. You will have a lot of people to quest or grind with making Atlantica one of the most community friendly games i have ever played. With a guild you can create crafting jobs that when completed can be shared to all the guild members. For example: crafting a ton of potions would help the guild heal or retrieve mana and save their money that way. Potions is just a simple example of what types of jobs you can craft for the guild. There are much more rewarding benefits and crafting jobs obtainable.

Everytime you complete a crafting job gain some guild points which is basic to your guilds growth and levels. There are TWO main ways to gather guild points for the guild. I will start with the first one as you don’t have a choice in the other option in the beginning until you acquire a town as that is the goal. A minor way to get some easy guild points is to have your members not log off the game when they are done playing! You get guild points for people being online and active.

Guild Quests!

These are important to buy early on especially when a guild is first produced as the first few days are very crucial of your growth and success of your guild. You can start a guild quest by purchasing a Managers Scroll from the market. Once again there are levels of Manager Scrolls that you can buy (Beg, Int, Adv). You can right click these scrolls and get a guild quest and you complete them like you would any other quest, once you complete it you will automatically get the guild points and experience or gold that might have come along with the quest.

Once you get enough points you will be able to gain more levels to your guild and be able to recruit more members. I would encourage members to do 3-4 guild quests a day (they don’t take too long). Your main goal when starting your guild is to get that TOWN! I would recommend that you save at the minimum 3k-3.5k guild points before you make a bid on a town. Don’t worry too much about what town you get in the beginning although a popular town would be awesome but would have more competition. Once you have the town you can save up to contest other higher level ones.

Town Quests + Buildings!

Once you have taken control of a town you have the ability to complete town quests which in my opinion are a little tougher than normal guild quests. The degree of difficulty also depends on what level you are also. I have found town quests to be a little more functional to do though. To start a town quest you must have a Manager Scroll just like with guild quests. Just right click.

Helpful tip when doing guild, town, or normal quests: Particularly in town quests and guild quests and in some situations normal quests you will be asked to kill monsters that you have no idea of where they might be. Unless you someone that likes to analyze and do less grinding then you will get a little frustrated. proportion Monster INFO! if you have enough Will then ask your guild or ask friends to proportion the info for the monster if they have it. If you can get 3 parts of information on a single monster you can directly teleport to it or automove if you choose. This will save you tons of time when you want to get quests done quickly and do less frantic searching.

Town Buildings!

You can also get a bunch of guild points by starting and completing town buildings. But just like crafting a job with the guild your guild members must be active to complete the job. After every battle you will complete a portion of certain jobs or buildings by a certain amount depending on level and what level monsters being defeated.

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