Are Scalar Energy Pendants Real Or Are They Fake – This Will Shock You…

So you want to know are Scalar Energy Pendants Real or are they fake? Feel you need some evidence or proof because you keep hearing people say they’re fake or can’t possibly do what people claim? If so then I want you to ask yourself these questions. Where did you here this information? What is their proof that they don’t work? Have they ever used one themselves and tried it out? What’s in it for them in dis-crediting it? There have been a great many people who are skeptics of everything that’s outside of their understanding, Quantum Pendants happen to fall into this category for these types of people.

Keep in mind though that the same people who claim Scalar Energy Pendants are Fake a scam that people who sell them are charlatans are also the same people who think Reiki and energy healing is bogus nonsense and anything that science currently cannot understand is automatically rubbish or placebo. The good news is you don’t have to listen to these people, you don’t already have to listen to me, all you have to listen to is your body and how you feel when you use one because I guarantee you’ll feel better from it, everyone always does. Can science prove or explain it in an easy to understand rational term, no! Does it make it fake or phoney, not at all.

This brings about another question, do you allow yourself to only believe in things that other people can prove or that science determines as truth. Religion exists as a belief system, however scientists claim its all non-sense. Did you know as much as 90% of scientists are atheists? This just shows you right off the bat these people are not into believing anything but what they can prove by their man made tests. I’m not making an argument for religion but simply a point anything they can’t prove by their reasoning of deduction or tests is either fake or a placebo, did you know this?

Keep this in mind at all times, these people who criticize things they don’t understand will continue to until their very end. It doesn’t average you have to live a life cut off from belief and experiencing effects of things that have no scientific or rational explanation because someone else doesn’t believe it. In fact in my life I’ve found quite the opposite that the things that made the least bit of sense in the way of science have had the most profound effects on my life.

So what I suggest you do is the next time you’re faced with someone who is criticizing Scalar Energy Pendants calling them fake or a scam without any real sound argument besides it isn’t possible or its fake, scam or a placebo effect. I want you to ask them about other things such as the ability for the body to be healed by energy or reiki or any other concept that would defy scientific beliefs and see what they say. Guaranteed you’ll quickly realize the person you’re dealing with isn’t open to anything at all and it has less to do with a Quantum Pendant and more to do with their own inability to believe in anything that defies their rational mind, logic or science.

Then of course we have those who truly work in the industry of selling Quantum Scalar Pendants and they claim some are fakes! Why would they say such things? It’s very simple truly, its called marketing, if they keep telling you beware there are fakes out there but mine are real, what are the odds that you’ll buy from them? Pretty high I imagine right? These people will continue to claim fakes exist in the market and they’ll come up with systems or ways to try and prove that fakes are out there, and honestly its possible I suppose but I’ve never come across one and I’ve tested hundreds, most of which were labeled fakes and they were often just as strong, sometimes already stronger!

The truth is I’ve literally tested hundreds and they always do something, some are stronger than others, however any of the ones made of the ceramic volcanic material of the same weight and size will 99% of the time test identically to one another. This has been my experience in using them, I’ve tested expensive ones and cheap ones alike, it was all the same. The only time I found some to be weaker were ones that were made of a material other than volcanic ceramics.

With all that said if someone is trying to determine if Scalar Energy Pendants are Real or Fake what would you tell them?

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