Aquabot Neptuno – Automatic Pool Cleaner Reviewed

Aquabot Neptuno – Automatic Pool Cleaner Reviewed

An automatic pool cleaner is a necessity when you have a swimming pool and we have two! Unfortunately (or so it seemed), an above ground pool with a PVC liner is notoriously difficult to find an automatic pool cleaner for since most will climb the pool wall and consequently tear the liner. We spoke to several local specialist swimming pool supplies shops and it seemed like it would be impossible to find an automatic pool cleaner for our pools.

A search on the internet found the Aquabot Neptuno made by a UK company called Kaltech. It seemed ideal but (particularly given the price) we wanted to be sure consequently we asked to speak to a technician who helpfully made an overseas call to our cell phone. He spoke at length about the Aquabot Neptuno and was confident that it would not damage our swimming pool liner.

We took the drop and ordered a machine. It arrived a few days later and we unpacked it being careful to remove the clingfilm which protects the rollers. Essentially the Aquabot Neptuno is a pump with a filter which is mounted on rubber caterpillar tracks and with two big stiff sponge rollers in front to do the cleaning. Inside is a bag which collects the detritus from the bottom of the pool. The strength supply is 12V DC which comes via a 230/240V transformer (supplied). The cable trails across the surface of the water consequently the Aquabot Neptuno should not get tangled in its own strength rule.

We launched the machine and waited the required 20 minutes while the rollers absorbed the water. If you don’t do this, then there can be a build-up of friction and either your liner or the rollers may get damaged.

The machine set off across the bottom of the pool travelling much faster than we had expected – almost at the fastest speed one could have walked by the water at. Unfortunately, after a few minutes it stopped and we had to restart it (wait 45 seconds and switch it on again). This kept happening and we soon concluded it was faulty although we did agree that what it had cleaned, it had cleaned effectively and gently.

Kaltech listened to our complaint, didn’t argue and arranged for a substitute to be tested and sent out to us. We packaged up the old one and took it to our local courier (the agreement is that we pay for the courier to the UK, they pay for the courier to us).

A few days later a new Aquabot Neptuno arrived and we finally tried it out last night. It worked perfectly, switching itself off as it is supposed to after about 3 hours. The main swimming pool, a stretched octagon, is now much cleaner. We have only two complaints.

Firstly, there were two patches which the automatic pool cleaner did not find – both nearby to our ‘Roman’ steps. One of those patches was probably too small for the machine but the other was missed for no obvious reason. Next time, we will start the machine from there and see if it ignores a different area instead!

Secondly, there was a clerical error by which someone wrote the delivery address as being the one our credit card was registered to and it was only thanks to the courier ignoring that in favour of their local knowledge of where we live that caused the Aquabot Neptuno to arrive.

That said, Kaltech were very helpful – from the original call from the technician to the many emails from them giving me tracking details of the parcels and generally keeping me informed of progress. My contact there was a lady called Lucy and she took great pains to be helpful – my particular thanks goes to her.

This was an expensive buy – our blue and yellow submarine – but, to date, we are delighted with our Aquabot Neptuno automatic pool cleaner.

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