Anvil Pizza Ovens for the Best Pizzas

Anvil Pizza Ovens for the Best Pizzas

There are good and there are bad pizzas. As a pizza parlour the last thing you want is to hear that you don’t serve good pizzas. That being said there are different opinions as to what makes a good pizza. Is it the base? Should it be thin? Should it be thick? Should it be soft or crispy? Is it the topping that makes it good? It’s all opinion. However, you can get a consensus of opinions that lean towards the positive. First of all, for a good pizza a standard baking oven won’t suffice, you will need to consider a commercial pizza oven.

Here are some of the Anvil commercial pizza ovens that will give you tasty and consistent pizzas every time.

  • Anvil Deck Oven – 3 Trays per Deck. There are two versions of this unit. This one option is large and holds up to 18 standard sized pizzas. It weighs 325 kilograms with a strength output of 29.25 kilowatts. It has glass viewing window, interior light and a 120 minute mechanical timer. while the second option, is slightly smaller at 220 kilograms and holds up to 12 standard pizzas. The smaller unit’s strength output is 19.5 kilowatts.
  • Anvil Pizza Oven – Single Deck. This unit is conveniently small at 80 kilograms and a strength output of 7.2 kilowatts. It is manufactured with 2 ceramic plates, a dial temperature gauge and viewing window with interior light.
  • Anvil Gas Deck Oven. This unit is ideal if you want to conserve electricity. It has a rare burner design that allows for an already temperature dispensing.
  • Anvil Pizza Oven – Twin Shelf Small. This miniature option has 2 ceramic plates and 3 heating elements for accurate heat dispensing. You could use this catering equipment for fresh or frozen pizzas.
  • Anvil Deck Oven – 2 Tray. This catering equipment has 2 trays, is 90 kilograms and holds 4 standard sized pizzas. It has a 120 minute mechanical timer and a glass viewing window with interior light. The Anvil Deck Oven – 4 Tray is the bigger brother of the aforementioned unit at 170 kilograms and it holds double the contents.
  • Anvil Deck Oven – 3 Tray. This is a medium sized option at 120 kilograms. It holds 6 standard pizzas and has the same specifications as the 2 tray and 4 tray versions.
  • Anvil Deck Oven – 6 Tray. This is the large version in the Anvil Deck Oven range at 250 kilograms and it holds 12 standard pizzas in 6 baking trays.

Investing in an Anvil Pizza oven will ensure consistent pizzas time and time again and will keep your customers returning for the taste they remember and crave.

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