Align Your Chakras Now With The Galactic Tree Of Life

Align Your Chakras Now With The Galactic Tree Of Life

Your part in the battle between good and evil in the history of Planet Earth

I have a story to tell you. It may help to explain a lot of things in your life but also help to give perspective on the history of the planet. It may change the way you view the transformation Planet Earth is going by now. I had a session years ago with client who was a really nice man but with important “darkness” in his life. I asked how I might help him and he said he did not know, the time with me was not his idea.

I said I would look at his planetary history to find the most important information that would help him to understand himself. I went back to his life in Lemuria, the civilization before Atlantis. An angel appear to him saying “we need your help.” He responded, I am willing to help, what do you need? They said what they needed was difficult and he responded that he was willing. They said a darkness had come over the Planet. And most souls were too ineffective to manager the darkness. He repeated he would help, what did the angels need from him? They said they needed him to take on this darkness as many souls were too ineffective. He responded, I will do it. They told him that it would be hard because he would not “remember” and he might get lost in the darkness. He said he would do it for the others.

Good and Evil On Planet Earth

Widen your lens and it might help you to understand the violence and conflict today on Planet Earth Perhaps the most important aspect of your life in relation to "others" is not that you are Jewish or Christian or American or French or Iranian, perhaps the most important aspect of you is that you are fro m Planet Earth and there are “others” out there that are “different” and have different intentions from than those who are from here. Perhaps we really need now to really understand what is going on.

Final Battle Between Light And Dark

We are in a final battle between light and dark on Planet Earth. We need to widen our lens to know who we are and who our true enemies are. We are multidimensional beings. We have parts of ourselves in several dimensions at a time. We are energetically structured like the Tree of Life which is the backbone of our multi dimensional system. Our individual holy tree of life is our chakra system. Its center axis is the trunk of the tree of your life, it is yourHoly Grael, with its funnel like structure at the top drawing in off planet energies and a funnel like shape at the bottom, drawing in Earth energies. Unfortunately the top of your tree of life will be filled with the energy of Xibalba from the Dark Rift because of the alignments which completes on on December 21, 2012. Unfortunately the bottom of your Tree of Life, your Holy Grael is already prone to the energies from Xibalba due to the Earths broken Brahmahvara.

December 2012 And Beyond

Who is going to take on the darkness from the broken Brahmahvara in the Gulf of Mexico? Who is going to take on the darkness that will go into the Planet via the super enormous black hole that is aligning with Planet Earth now?

Who will go to war to course of action the violence and conflict that is pouring onto the Planet now? Who will kill and main and be killed and injured to protect those of us who are not strong enough to course of action these energies?

If it is true that Jerusalem is to be the site of the final battle between light and dark, good and evil, then the people’s who spiritually choose to carry the dark energy poured onto the Planet are sacrificing themselves for all of us.

To us they appear to be enemies and are declared so by their political stances, but in reality they are part of the time of action of the ending of a cycle on Planet Earth, the preamble to entering the Golden Age. Jerusalem, Israelis, Palestinians, all willing to battle for all of us souls, sacrificing themselves by processing the energies of conflict and violence’s so that our souls can be free. And lets not forget Jesus Christ It is time you recognized your expert and your destiny. You are good, and if you have behaved “badly” it was always with the intention to help others.

It is time now to put down your weapons whether they be guns or words. It is time to let go of your guilt that you were not a better person and see that at the deepest level you wanted what was good for all. Do not try to understand the details of your life, just know that it is now that you must truly let go and go inside to find your goodness and your strength.

It is not too late to you say you are sorry, but it is to yourself that you must apologize because you have not had enough compassion for what you have been by. Stop feeling guilty, stop feeling inadequate and start at this moment to access your destiny and your wisdom.

Take the time now to align with the most important event in human history, the formation of the holy Tree of Life in the stars. Take the time to ensure your internal Tree of Life is aligned with that holy Tree.

What you can do to align your tree of life chakra system to the SacredTree of Life in the stars, Kundalini Mental Yoga can help you to unprotected to that alignment. And if you have current difficulties in your life, apply Peace Program to strengthen your intentions. We are all in this together, and at the deepest level our enemies have helped us. At the deepest levels of life we are all holding hands, trying to shake off energies that are not ours but which influence us. Some of us were stronger and took on negative energies to protect the weaker ones. It is time we all recognize we have an enemy, only it is not our fellow man, but outside forces we cannot see.

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