A Travellers Guide to Dubai

A Travellers Guide to Dubai

Over the past few years, Dubai seems to have gone from a comparatively unknownpart of the United Arab Emirates to a place thriving with trade and tourism. Located in the Middle East, to the east of Saudi Arabia, Dubai is one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates(UEA). It is also home to the tallest manmade structure in the world – Burj Khalifa – and is occupied by 38 per cent of the complete UEA population.

It is safe to say the UEA has changed considerably in recent years and its per capita income is the seventh highest in the world, while it is one of the most developed economies in western Asia. Pretty impressive for a country that only attained independence in 1971.

But it is the development of the tourism industry that has perhaps been most impressive change within the country. With a flight time of just five hours from Europe and a buzzing, vibrant city, Dubai is the place to be for those who want to shop, sunbathe, party, play sports or enjoy delicious food and experience a lifestyle of true decadence.

Dubai International Airport is famous for its excellent selection of duty free shopping, although tourists shouldn’t get too carried away, as prices are no better than those found in the shopping malls of the main city, so it may be better to wait. Duty free alcohol is very cheap, but tourists should check limitations in improvement – they are allowed no more than four litres of alcohol beverages, or two cartons of beer, with each carton containing 24 cans.

Dubai has an excellent public transport system and it is easy to get the metro from the airport to the main part of the city. Although the metro is a good choice for those who wish to travel to destinations along the coastline, it does not serve the old city centre.

Alternatively, visitors can get a taxi from the airport to their destination. Although it is possible to flag them down in the street, it is better to find them in the designated queues outside shopping malls or hotels. Comfortable and cheap, taxis are a good way to get around Dubai.

Dubai has an excellent infrastructure, which method it is easy to get around and analyze the area. The main airport is Dubai International Airport, although the emirate is also easy to reach from the airports in Sharjah or Abu Dhabi, which is the largest of the seven emirates.

While Emirates is the vicinity’s official airline carrier, Fly Dubai is probably a better option for low cost holidays. With so many airlines competing against each other to offer flights to popular destinations such as Dubai, tourists can often find themselves a bargain if they search hard enough.

Hiring a car is another option, although Dubai is not the easiest place for tourists to excursion due to the sometimes aggressive driving styles of the locals.

Buses are clean and cheap, while maps and times are obtainable to download online. However, the bus routes are not always very easy to understand and can sometimes be quite infrequent. Although a bus would be a good way to get to different areas of central Dubai, it is better to walk for more specific journeys.

Dubai has some dramatically white, sandy beaches and they are the perfect place to give watersports a try. The sea is warm, but quite salty, which can put some people off. Those looking for a real adventure can travel to the emirate of Fujairah or the Sharjah community Khor Fakkan for coral reef diving, where they can identify extensive marine life.

Waterports aren’t the only activities on offer in Dubai, as people can also go for a hot air balloon ride, play golf at one of the emirate’s many impressive courses, ski at the indoor centre, visit Wild Wadi water park or Dubai zoo, or go on a Dubai creek cruise.

However, one thing visitors simple cannot miss when they head to Dubai is the opportunity to go shopping. It is known for its stores and markets and here, people can find everything from traditional saris to all the modern high end designer brands.

The Dubai Mallis the biggest shopping centre in the world and is definitely worth seeing, as it contains an indoor ice rink and aquarium, in addition as more than 1,200 shops.

in addition as flashing the cash, there are plenty of other things to do in both the modern and old parts of Dubai. It is worth taking a walk around the impressive marina, in addition as checking out the Palm Islands, which are the three largest artificial islands in the world. In the old part of the town, tourists can wander around the Dubai Museum, visit the Jumeirah Mosque and mosey along the old, traditional streets.

There is an abundance of food on offer in Dubai and people with all tastes should find something to tickle their fancy. Vegetarians are well-catered for and there is a wide choice of Indian food. The night life is also excellent in Dubai and the majority of three to five-star hotels have bars and night clubs.

However, it is important to remember that Dubai has very specific laws regarding the consumption of alcohol and tourists must to pay attention to these.

A holiday to Dubai is bound to be a truly unforgettable experience for anyone who goes there and the sheer grandeur and impressive extent of the emirate – which has the tallest, biggest, most luxurious buildings in the world – is something that must be seen to be believed.

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