5 Places to Start Using Green Cleaning Supplies

5 Places to Start Using Green Cleaning Supplies

Your home is your sanctuary, a place of comfort and retreat. But do you know that your home can also be hazardous?  Unfortunately some cleaning products are not only unhealthy to your health but to the ecosystem in addition. That’s why it’s important to rediscover green cleaning supplies and return to a simpler form of house work.

Rediscover? That’s right. We’ve been cleaning house for decades without the help of laboratory chemicals. It’s only in the last few decades that science (and advertising) has convinced us to do things differently. Using natural products are safer for your family because they don’t release the same toxic fumes that rule to indoor pollution, poor air quality and damage to the respiratory system.

It’s those same reasons that make green cleaning supplies more environmentally friendly too.  traditional cleaning agents are often petroleum-based which poses unhealthy risks to the ecosystem and can leave behind residue with dangerously-high toxicity levels.

Eco-friendly products are made with all natural elements, such as hydrocarbons, which when fermented become very good cleaning agents. They are organic and biodegradable and much less likely to release unhealthy compounds. If you don’t make your own, then you can usually recognize green cleaning supplies in the store because their packaging includes the “Designed for the ecosystem” label.

Using green cleaning supplies have been found to be very advantageous for many reasons. However if you’re not sure that you trust the effectiveness of natural cleaning agents, you can start with only one or two chores and test them for yourself. Here are some household chores that respond especially well to cleaning with green products or homemade cleaners.

  1. Close quarters. One of the biggest dangers with traditional cleaning products is with fumes and off-gassing. Natural products rarely cause problems with indoor air-quality so they are safer to use in areas without adequate ventilation.
  2. Places where children play. Eco-friendly cleaning products are found to be safe especially for children as they do not contain harsh materials that may cause allergies or skin conditions.
  3. Furniture made from natural materials. Natural surfaces such as wood or some stone, can easily be damaged by chemical treatments. But most green cleaning supplies have a long history of use so it’s easier to know whether a particular treatment will work well or not. for example, orange oil is a highly-effective cleaning treatment for wood furniture. It smells good, conditions the wood and repels pests such as termites.
  4. Green cleaning supplies are often ideal for cleaning stoves, ovens and grills. Interestingly enough, you can sometimes cook and clean with the same ingredient! Natural cleaners like vinegar cut by grease without leaving behind any toxic or flammable residue.
  5. Stinky messes. Natural cleaners made with baking soda are good deodorizers. A paste of baking soda and water is slightly abrasive making it great for scrubbing surfaces like tile. Plus, it has a mild, fresh scent too.

The next time you clean your home, protect your health and mother earth by choosing green cleaning products.

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