4 Huge Mistakes To Avoid If You Have Bed Bugs

4 Huge Mistakes To Avoid If You Have Bed Bugs

Alright, so you have bed bugs. Now what? Most people will usually freak out a little, so if you haven’t gotten that out of your system, go ahead and do that now.

Now that you have done that, we can start to think logically about getting these things under control. First, you need to realize that if you have them, it is not because you are a dirty person or in a lower class. If you have blood inside your body, then you can have an infestation.

Many people will use a lot of energy trying to figure out just how they brought them home, but this can be a mystery that may never be solved. Bed bugs can hitchhike home with you and can come from a hotel, an airport, dressing room, movie theater, restaurant, etc. Basically, wherever people are, bed bugs can be at and you just happened to be unlucky enough to bring them home with you, so don’t beat yourself up too bad. Well, unless you picked up that couch on the side of the road with the “Free” sign on it. If you did that, go ahead and beat yourself up.

The point I am trying to make here is that bed bugs can be anywhere, but as a side observe, don’t bring home used furniture where bed bugs can be hiding.

Now that you know that you have them, here are a few major mistakes to avoid:

#1 – Don’t sleep in a different bed!

Listen, I understand. You find bed bugs in your bed and you never want to sleep in that bed again, right? Well, by going to sleep on the couch or in a different bed, you are only going to spread them. Bed bugs are attracted to carbon dioxide and will follow you. Trust me, it is always better to deal with it instead of running from it.

#2 – Don’t start staying at someone else’s house!

Again, let’s try not to spread them and just focus on taking care of the problem. If you are crashing on someone’s couch, you might be bringing them with you. Also, if someone was crashing on your couch shortly before you got bed bugs and is nevertheless there, kick that person out!

#3 – Don’t use bug bombs!

We have all used them at some point. We set up foggers around the house, set them off and run for cover. It seems like this would be a good idea, but all it does is spread a nasty repellent all over your house that will move the bed bugs around, but hardly kill any of them at all. Bad idea. Anything that spreads bed bugs and does not address the problem (see #1 by #3) should be avoided.

#4 – Don’t wait too long before calling a pest control company.

Bed bugs have a lot of really bad qualities, but one of the worst is the fact that they can copy really, really quickly (a female can lay up to 500 eggs in a lifetime). The longer you wait, the worse this problem is going to get. Unfortunately, there are really not any good working pesticides that you can buy at the store that will clear this up. If you want my advice (and since you are reading my article, I am guessing you do), just use the money up front to have a pest control company to take care of it and avoid all the headaches later on.

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