3 Electricity Saving Devices – Save More Money on Electricity

3 Electricity Saving Devices – Save More Money on Electricity

Deciding to save energy is good choice. It is good for your wallet, the ecosystem and reduces fire hazards. There are some devices that can help save lots of energy. I’m talking about 20% of the energy you are currently consuming. So let’s talk about 3 electricity saving devices.

Device #1: Kill Switches

Kill switches are the best of all electricity saving devices. It allows switching off all electricity in a specific room with the push of a button. It will stop all adapters, transformers and chargers to consume energy. These devices consume energy when they are plugged in, already when they are not used. Not already to mention the TV, the hard disk recorder and the computer which are all on standby mode when you leave.

Device #2: Lights

If you install a kill switch it allows you to save money on lights too. However, some lights should be on all the time. It is best to use led lights instead of normal lights. It helps save you a small amount of electricity per light. This is only necessary if you have a lot of lights, otherwise I shouldn’t bother

Device #3: Programmable thermostat

Heating the house when it does not need to be heated is very costly. With a programmable thermostat you will never ever have that problem again. They are one of the best electricity saving devices. This device alone can reduce your utility bills with 10% and it doesn’t require major lifestyle changes.

It is worth to take a look at electricity saving devices and strength saving tips. Most of them don’t require lifestyle changes, but imagine what you can do with the money you save.

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